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Catalan shepherd puppies - litter A - born 18./19.3.2020

Latest News

Puppies are successfuly adding the weight from day one, each of them has more than 0,5 kg. The actual photos and information you can find at - www.facebook.com/BarrancNegre/

On March 18 Aja started giving birth to her first litter and on March 19, there were 7 healthy puppies in the birth box - 2 girls and 5 boys. Aja is a great mummy, she started to care immediately.

The sono examination confirmed successful mating and at least 4 puppies! The date of birth is 25th March, so we are tense, how many puppies will eventually and in what composition.

Catalan shepherd

The Catalan Shepherd (Gos d'Atura Catala) comes from the Catalan side of the Pyrenees and is still used as a sheepdog, mostly for sheep grazing. In the literature are the first mention of the early 20th century, in 1929, the breed standard. In the 50s to 70s of the 20th century there was a decline in farming and only then its recovery. Since the 1980s, the Pyrenees breed has spread to other countries, with strong populations in the Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavia.

Catalans tolerate heat and cold very well, being alive, modest and attentive. They need close contact with humans, as is the case with the sheep breeds, which for many generations cooperate with herdsmen and their own herd. They are also able to work independently of herdsmen, which is their strength in mountain terrain. Thanks to great mobility the breed excels in dog sports, such as agility or dogfrisbee. Regardless of its appearance, this brave dog is also used as a guard.

Today they are great family dogs because of their calm and friendly nature. They have a lot of hair variants from light to completely black. Although the hair is longer, does not require more care, just comb it once a month comb. A typical feature of the breed are double dewclaws on all limbs and some have a black spotty tongue. Weight is about twenty kg and height at withers about 50 cm.

Puppies will be dewormed, inoculated, with microchip, europass and get equipment for the trip. They will be available for purchase after the 8th week at the turn of May and June 2020.

We will be happy to share our experience with education and training!

Ája Aim Upside down

Aja is our first catalan; Excellent breed, only large ... We were looking for a medium-sized breed, persistent for long walking trips, to children and sports, partner to the discomfort and we found ... Catalan shepherd. We hit one of the few Czech, respectively. moravských, litters, parents are both imports - Rufus from Spain and Vanilla from Sweden. Ája was born 15.2.2017 from seven puppies. We regularly meet her siblings at exhibitions of the Pyrenean Breeds Club, which brings them to the Czech Republic judges from France or Spain, who can judge these breeds in our country.

Catalans are very much fixed on their pack, need contact with their human family. They are not just dogs in the garden or in the pen. Adaptation to different environments - city, means of transport, shooting, etc. - was important for the smooth living together. As for training, they gave we are obedience and grazing sheep, where Aja passed the HWT exam. She has a great desire to work and is competitive. But she does not mind the situation when work is not - then she lies down and sleeps. In addition to hiking with Ája we run, even in the summer, we also tried running by bike and pulling scooters. She also loves water and spends half of her summer vacations by the sea.

At the shows of the Pyrenees breeds Club we achieve excellent evaluation, we collected a couple of CAJC, CAC, CACIB, but shows are not a priority for us. We were also at large international in the Czech Republic, but there mostly referees with catalans rarely, so their rating usually tells us nothing :-(. As for health, Aja has HD: A and PL: 0/0. This is far more important to us. We also looked for a stud dog with such good results to give puppies a good investment in their lives. For our first litter we registered kennel under name Barranc Negre, which is Catalan Black Gorge. It is an important paleontological site that we have just behind the house.

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Litter A - 18./19. March 2020

7 puppies - 5 boys, 2 girls

We take bookings for puppies - boys. Expected delivery - end of May 2020.


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